frequently asked Questions


  • What is the brainkick inhaler pen?

The brainkick is the only sustainable inhalation pen so far filled with essential oils. The oils used are all purely natural and from biological cultivation. The unique scents stimulate the brain when inhaling, which causes the desired effect. Studies have already shown that the smells of the individual oils have positive influences on us. We have developed three different mixes for this:

FOCUS & Concentration: 

Relaxing & Calming: 

Energy & Refreshes: 

Every oil mix is ​​unique and good for every life situation!


  • What are the essential oils in the brainkicks?

We have developed special oil mixtures from essential oils on the inhaler pens. These are 100% organic and free of synthetic additives.

The oils are obtained from the leaves, bark, fruits and flowers of the different plants. 

Grapefruit, lemon peel, laurel leaf, peppermint, frankincense, sweet marjoram, ceylon cinnamon

Relaxing & Calming: 

Lake pine, sweet orange, eucalyptus, HO-wood leaf, bitter orange leaf, field mint


  • How do you use the brain kick best?

Before application, it makes sense to shake the brainkick easily. Then take off the cap and hold the inhalation pen close to your nose. Now breathe deep through the nose. The released flavors get to the odor center of our brain via the upper respiratory tract and can have their desired effect there. When using it, we recommend that you take a gentle breath and take it easy again.

So that the brain kick can be durated for a long time, it should be closed again after use and stored dry at room temperature.


  • How often can I use the brainkick?

The brainkick contains essential oils, which is why it can be used as often as you like. The strength of effects and duration depends on people. As soon as you notice that the effect subsides, you can inhale again. There is no limit for daily application.


  • How long can I use the brainkick?

Since the oils of the brain kick have a flanging effect, there is no maximum duration for use. Depending on your emotional situation and mood, you can use the inhalation pen as long as you like.


  • Can the different brainkick varieties be combined?

The brainkick varieties are designed to complement each other. This means that they should not be combined at the same time, since “Energies & Refreshing” and “Relaxing & Calming” have an opposite effect. Depending on which mood you want to achieve, the different varieties are used.


  • What is aromatherapy and your task?

Simply put, aromatherapy is treatment with fragrances. This is obtained by the use of essential oils made from leaves, bark, fruits and flowers of the plants. There are different forms of aromatherapy, whereby inhaling the oils is only a form. The fragrance molecules released have a certain effect in the brain. 


  • Are the brain kicks safe in use?


Our oil mixtures contain only 100% pure essential oils, which is why they are safe in their application. However, before buying, you should be aware of whether you are allergic to one or more fabrics, we advise you against use. In the individual descriptions you can read again which oils are contained in the individual varieties.


  • What is the minimum age for the use of brainkick?

In general, there is no precise minimum age for inhaling essential oils, which is why they can be used by almost everyone. However, due to the strong smells, we advise you to use the inhalation pencils in children under 4 years, as this can lead to an allergic reaction.


  • Do the brain kicks have an expiry date?

On the back of the welding bag you will find the expiry date of the cotton sticks. Since the inhalation pins are made of bamboo, these should be stored dryly. After opening the first time, the intensive smell lasts up to 3 months. After that, the strength of the smell will decrease and the effect will remove.


  • How long is the delivery time? 


  • Where are the brain kicks sold?

You can get our brain kicks with the oil mixtures from us in the online shop and on Amazon. You can also purchase the inhaled pencils in pharmacies. Here are new ones in Germany every month.


  • How much are the shipping costs?

From an order value of € 15 you will receive free shipping in Germany!


  • How can I pay?

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