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Aroma inhaler pens made of bamboo

Aroma inhaler pens made of bamboo are a great way to relax and calm down. They consist of 100% natural aroma oils that are incorporated into cotton sticks. These pens are environmentally friendly and biodegradable because they are made from natural materials.

The use of the aroma inhaler pencils is very simple: you hold the bamboo stick near the nose and breathe in deep to breathe in the aroma. The essential oils contained in the stick are then absorbed into the lungs and can have their beneficial effect there.

There are different aroma oils that can be used in the inhanged pens. For example, there is pens with lavender oil that has a calming and relaxing effect. Eucalyptus oil, on the other hand, is known for its refreshing effect and can help with colds. Lemon oil and peppermint oil are also popular oils that are used in the inhalation pins.

If you opt for aroma inhaler pencils from bamboo, choose a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical inhalation pins. You can take the pens anywhere and you are a quick and easy way to relax and calm down. Try it out and enjoy the beneficial effect of the natural aroma oils.

Pure relaxation - our customers are thrilled

  • Jule

    Finally a sustainable & practical aroma alternative! Gives me a positive and good feeling after inhaling.


  • Sabine

    I am totally thrilled with the bamboo sticks and the brilliant aroma mixtures.


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    +1,000 satisfied customers

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