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Studies & research essential oils aroma therapy

We have given and linked the latest studies and research documents on the application of essential oils and aroma therapy for you.

Essential oils against depression

Essential oils can be used for many symptoms. They relieve stress and nervousness, improve sleep disorders and pregnancy complaints and are used for back and neck pain. Yes, you can even help children with ADHD. Numerous studies now show that essential oils can also support the therapy of depression very significantly and naturally

The body cells can determine the difference between natural and synthetic flavors

"The data of Dr. Le indicate that human cells know the difference between a naturally obtained oil and a falsified or synthetically produced oil and that this difference can be demonstrated by the cell's own physiology."

Recommendations of the specialist society for diagnostics and therapy hematological and oncological diseases

“Aromatherapy is also referred to as essential oil therapy. It includes the use of essential oils from different vegetable sources, usual in the form of massages, inhalation or bathrooms. […] The last systematic review on this topic concluded that there is no long -lasting effect of aromatherapy massage; However, that can be reported on short -term improvements in general well -being, fear and depression up to 8 weeks after the treatment. "

Effect of aromatherapy on preoperative fear in adults

"Aromatherapy shows effective effects regarding the reduction of preoperative fear in adults. Aromatherapy represents effective, low -risk and inexpensive intervention and can be recommended as a complementary intervention in patients with preoperative fear."

Inhalations with essential oils in chronic respiratory infections

"The extent of the antibacterial activity (MHK values) was closely associated with the evaporation of the essential oils. The absorption of the fleeting components or other ingredients in the agar medium supports the antibacterial effect depending on its lipophilia, volatility and stability. The results This study indicates that the most effective way for the treatment of respiratory infections is an inhalation of essential oils in relatively high concentration over a short period of time. "

Clinical therapy

"The expert knowledge and the many years of experience of Prof. Dr. Dominique BauDoux confirm the centuries -old traditions with regard to the essential oils in general and in particular their applications for the prevention and therapy of diseases of the upper and deep respiratory tract, where they are compared to others Conventionally and complementary medical methods have numerous advantages. "

Aroma care: Delir in the context of sleep disorders 

"[...] The aroma oil lavender [can] reduce fear and tension of the patient in different applications (nasal/inhaled, oral/per os or transdermal/perkutan (Karadag et al. 2015: 106). the use of essential oils is particularly important in order to browse and alleviate the consequences (such as delirium [delusion])

Aromatherapy in the care of acute patients

"Aromatherapy is a sensible, complementary care method for acute patients because it is inexpensive and has physiological and psychological effects. In addition, it creates less undesirable side effects than drug treatment."

Influence of an appeal on olfactory and trigeminal sensitivity in patients with smell disorders 

"Due to repeated conscious sniffing on different scents, the sense of smell can actually be trained. The main focus is on the peripheral olfactory system and the regeneration ability of the Riechepithel. Dionne et al., 2010;

Aromatherapy for postoperative pain

"Four of the seven selected studies (study 3, 4, 5 and 7) come to the conclusion that Lavender has a significant, positive effect on pain intensity (NRS). After the intervention, the pain intensity in the intervention group decreases significantly more than in the control group. "

Lavender oil with preoperative fear and sedation needs in general anesthesia

"This study aims to use aromatherapy (lavender oil) to reduce preoperative anxiety of female patients who come under general anesthesia. an intravenous sedation is required. "

Concept aroma care Johanniter-Hospiz Bonn

"Some smells immediately put people back into childhood, other similarly formative situations and experiences. These memories are activated in the limbic system. The seat of the memory is in the hippocampus, in the immediate vicinity of the almond core (amygdala), part of the limbic system. Here the images that the respective fragrance conjures up.

The effectiveness of essential oils in post -operative or chemotherapy nausea"

Studies report on the one hand about the effectiveness of essential oils in the event of nausea, on the other hand, studies attribute the results to other effects, such as inhaling deep, or could not demonstrate a positive effect. According to Steflitsch, aromatherapy and aroma care can mitigate the undesirable side effects oncological interventions and increase the quality of life. "

Essential oils to reduce pain sensation

The study illuminates the monoterpenes in the oils, as is available, for example, in lavender oil, peppermint oil or lemon oil. From the studies, it can be concluded accordingly that they can be used against pain and that the immune system can also strengthen. In summary, it can be said that many aromatic plant species have essential oils that have a pain -relieving effect. 


With the brainkick aroma varieties you will quickly find your balance again. A short breath and you can start again!
Our products are based on scientific knowledge and studies on essential oils.
From more than a thousand different pure natural oils we combine the best aromamama blades for you, ready to go!
  • With the brainkick aroma varieties you will quickly find your balance again. A short breath and you can start again!
  • Our products are based on scientific knowledge and studies on essential oils.
  • From more than a thousand different pure natural oils we combine the best aromamama blades for you, ready to go!

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