About us

Who is behind the project?
We, two brothers from Thuringia (Franz & Willi) have been dealing with the effects of essential oils for several years. Two years ago we decided to develop our own oil blends and a sustainable alternative to plastic inhalers.

Since then we have been working every day to realize the idea and expand our know-how in order not only to avoid plastic waste with innovative solutions, but also to guarantee a sustainable value chain for our materials.

With our environmentally friendly inhalation sticks made from bamboo and the essential oils from organic and fair cultivation, we take responsibility for our environment. We attach great importance to high quality in the manufacture of our products.

Furthermore, we avoid any kind of plastic waste for our packaging. We pay attention to a fair and climate-friendly value chain for all of our BrainKick materials.

We have selected 4-7 organic oils from over 1000 different oils for each BrainKick mixture, which are ideal not only in terms of their effect, but also in terms of smell! There is the right BrainKick for every situation!

We offer the BrainKick in three different types. “Focus & Concentration” “Refreshing & Energizing” and “Relaxing & Calming”.

We rely on a future-oriented way of thinking, and with BrainKick we offer a healthy alternative to conventional pick-me-ups.

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