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Aromatherapy against tension: How aroma bamboo inhaler sticks can help borderline patients

Aroma bamboo inhaler sticks at Borderline: with the right “skills” against tension. Aromatherapy in the form of an inhaled monkey for essential oils:

Advantages of aroma bamboo inhaler sticks in coping with the borderline personality disorder:

  1. Of course and non-invasive: Essential oils are natural substances that are extracted directly from plants. Their application by inhaled pencils is non-invasive and simple.

  2. Direct effect on the senses: The sense of smell is closely connected to the limbic system in the brain, which controls emotions and memories. Inhaling certain flavors can quickly lead to emotional relaxation.

  3. Portability: The bamboo inhaled pencils are small and portable, so that affected people can always carry them with them. This enables a quick reaction to rising tension, no matter where they are.

  4. Individual adaptation: There are a variety of essential oils that are suitable for various emotional conditions. Patients can select the fragrance that is most suitable for them and find an individual solution for their needs.

  5. No side effects: In contrast to some medication, essential oils, if used correctly, typically have no side effects.

  6. Expansion of the skills case: The inhalation pen can be used as an additional tool in the "skills case" of a borderline patient, in addition to other techniques and aids.

  7. Supports self -care: The conscious breathing of essential oils can be a moment of self -care and mindfulness, which helps to earth and anchor yourself at the present moment.

  8. Supplement to other forms of therapy: While aromatherapy alone does not represent a healing for BPS, it can be a valuable addition to other forms of therapy such as the dialectically behavioral therapy.

In summary, aroma bamboo inhaler sticks can offer an effective and natural way to improve the well-being of people with borderline personality disorder. However, it is important to always obtain the advice of a specialist and to consider aromatherapy as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan.

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