Essential oils against stress

According to a DAK study, 43% of the students suffer from enormous school stress, which has no negative impact on the notes, but also to mental health.

In addition, 85% of workers are affected by stress at work, this leads to the loss of quality of life.

Who does not know it, you are tense because a great exam is pending, the stress level has reached the maximum again and or the concentration at work just does not exist anymore?

With the help of Brainkick, this problem is a thing of the past! A short breath and the brain is supplied with enough sufficiently concentration-promoting fabrics to get fully started!

But not only the concentration can influence the essential oils of Brainkick. Our essential oil mixtures have a positive influence on body and soul, regardless of age. They help children, adolescents and adults in a gentle way to feel better.

We have the right mix for every situation. Even with sleep problems and panic attacks, our essential oils help to relax.

In addition, no one wants to have unpleasant odors in his nose, so you can also use the Brainkick just to inhale fragrant odors.

In the context of a corona infection, disturbances and damage to the olfactory cells are a frequent symptom.

While the impairment is only easy for some illnesses, it is sufficient with others to complete odor loss. The sense of smell increases satisfaction and attitude to life. Through the intense odors of our inhaler pins you can rebuild and train the sense of smell.