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Bamboo aroma inhaler stick for a free nose

Refreshing aroma set | Liberating inhaler pen | Natural nose inhaler | Bamboo aromatherapy


Refreshing aromatherapy

Our natural aroma inhaler pencils ensure free breathing and a refreshing spirit. The herbal aromamama mixture frees clogged noses and blocked airways. The symptoms of a cold are relieved in a very natural way. Whether on the go, at work or before going to bed - this aromatherapy is always ready and used. 


Sustainable bamboo

Regular inhaled pencils are mostly made of plastic. We deliberately do without the disposable material and rely on the sustainable raw material bamboo. The holy replacement grows extremely quickly and can therefore be used in production without endangering the natural stock. Bamboo also impresses with a high level of density and hardness, so that it is ideal as a shell for our inhalation pencils. 


Of course antibacterial

Bamboo is a real all -round talent. The plant produces its own fabric, which prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the fibers. Even if we process the raw material to our inhaled pencils, this principle of natural hygiene works. Even in the cold period, this antibacterial nose inhaler is made of bamboo on the safe side.


Always and everywhere there

The inhalation pen with a pleasant fragrance effect is a loyal companion in every situation. The discrete and compact design fits ideally into the jacket, hand or pocket and can be used exactly when a deep breath is necessary. Natural aromatherapy for inhaling for the nose is a blessing in stressful everyday life and with stressful colds.


Reusable inhalation pen

Our bamboo inhaled pen is not a regular disposable product. As required, the inner aroma stick is filled with fragrance oil again. This creates wonderful aromatherapy with just one refill, which can be enjoyed for 2 to 3 months. This nasal pencil strengthens body, mind and soul with just one breath. A beneficial effect for carefree breath.


Pure plant power

Our wonderfully refreshing inhaler set is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. In addition to environmentally friendly raw materials, we also rely on natural plant power when it comes to playing aromamamamamamamameal. The essential oils are put together from a carefully selected mixture. This powerful combination of our nature ensures refreshing respiratory tract and a completely freed head feeling.

Pure relaxation - our customers are thrilled

  • Jule

    Finally a sustainable & practical aroma alternative! Gives me a positive and good feeling after inhaling.


  • Sabine

    I am totally thrilled with the bamboo sticks and the brilliant aroma mixtures.


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    +1,000 satisfied customers

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