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Brainkick Inhaler Pen - Practical Nasal Application for Essential Oils

Brainkick bamboo inhaler pen - practical nasal application for essential oils

The brainkick is a bamboo inhaler pin, also called smell pin. He offers a very practical and sustainable way to record our natural essential oils over the breathing air. The inhaler pin serves to dry inhalation of essential oils.

The Brainkick bamboo inhaler pin includes a cotton stick that is soaked in our special essential oil mixtures. The cotton stick is supplied in a smell density packaging so that the scent is retained as long as possible and must be opened only when used.

The cotton stick consists of pure cotton, the other parts of our inhaler pins are 100% sustainable bamboo and are plastic-free.

Use: Tear packaging with cotton stick and insert the stick into the fragrance chamber and press tight. The inhaler pen can be opened again at any time and filled with new odor sticks. Now the lid on it and your brainkick is available to you at any time for the nasal application.

If the fragrance intensity becomes too weak, you can always reorder fresh odor sticks anytime.

Now you can use your inhalation pin out of your pocket as needed and smell with 2-3 deep breaths. In seconds, our essential oil mixes unfold their effect.

For hygiene reasons, we recommend renewing the Brainkick bamboo inhaler pin every 2-3 (maximum 6) months, depending on the use.

Application suggestions and tips for the inhaler pins

The brainkick inhaler pin against stress,Examination stand or for new energy| In general, the use of inhaler pins is known in cold and cold. Essential oils such as peppermint and eucalytus can provide great services and liberate the respiratory tract in a natural way. Our oil mixtures are coordinated so on each other that you achieve an optimal effect with the power of natural-clean essential oils.

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    • Jule

      Finally a sustainable & practical aroma alternative! Gives me a positive and good feeling after inhaling.


    • Sabine

      I am totally thrilled with the bamboo sticks and the brilliant aroma mixtures.


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      +1,000 satisfied customers

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