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Riechskills against tension: the advantages of aroma bamboo inhalation sticks at Borderline

The human nose is a remarkable organ. Through them we can not only recognize fragrances, but also link them with emotions and memories. In the area of ​​psychotherapy and in particular in the treatment of borderline personality disorders (BPS), certain fragrances - or "olfactory skills" - can be used as tools to reduce tensions and restore the emotional balance.

Borderline personality disorder is characterized by intensive emotional fluctuations, impulsiveness and often by self-harm. Traditional therapeutic approaches, such as dialectically behavioral therapy (DBT), offer patients a number of skills or "skills" to better regulate their emotions and prevent self -harm.

A newer tool in this arsenal are aroma bamboo inhalation sticks. But how exactly can you help people with BPS?

Advantages of aroma bamboo inhaler sticks at Borderline:

  1. Immediate calming: By inhaling soothing scents, those affected can experience immediate relaxation. Lavender, for example, is known for its calming properties.
  2. Portable relaxation: Due to their compact format, inhaler sticks can easily be worn in the pants or bags, so that they are at any time and anywhere at hand.
  3. Safe application: In contrast to some medication, essential oils offer a natural way to calm down without the risk of side effects or dependency.
  4. Easy integration: They can easily be integrated into existing therapy plans and offer an additional resource for patients to deal with intensive emotions or impulses.
  5. Connection of sensory experiences: Inhaling fragrances can cause positive memories or create new, calming associations. Over time, patients can learn to link a certain fragrance with relaxation or security.
  6. Increased self -awareness: The conscious use of olfactory skills can promote mindfulness and awareness of one's own emotional state.

In summary, aroma bamboo inhaler sticks offer an innovative and natural approach to supporting emotional regulation in borderline personality disorder. They are proof of how our senses - in this case the sense of smell - can be used therapeutically in order to improve the well -being and quality of life of people with mental illnesses. However, it is important to emphasize that these sticks should best be used as a supplement to traditional therapy approaches.

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