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About Brainkick-known from start-up teens!

Did you know that essential oils and their fragrances can influence our brain, our body and even our feelings? With our brainkick we make this effect our way! We have packed valuable natural oils in a sustainable bamboo inhalator so that you can inhale our harmonious scents through your nose anytime and anywhere and just feel better and more comfortable!

Set with 3 inhaled pencils and 3 wonderful scents!

Whether at home or on the go, our inhalation pen is everywhere and supports your needs at every moment! To our scents:

  • Relaxing & Calming: Your harmonious companion for more calm and balance with natural lavender, mandarin, sweet marjoram, ylang-yang blossom, chamomile and delicate incense! The gentle fragrance unfolds soothing vibrations and supports you when relaxing and before going to bed!


  • Energies & Refreshing:  The pleasantly strong fragrance made of sea pine, orange, eucalyptus, HO-wood and mint increases your confidence and your energy! It refreshes the senses and has an invigorating effect when the head has run hot!


  • FOCUS & Concentration: Board in front of the head? Submit your brain cells with 7 essential oils made of grapefruit, lemon, laurel, peppermint, incense, majoran and cinnamon! With the sensual fragrance you increase your concentration and perseverance and can work more effectively.

From 100 % natural and vegan oils!  

Our wonderful fragrance mixes are made from purely natural plants! The flowers and herbs for our essential oil mixtures are grown and processed sustainably and under fair conditions. We pay attention to the highest quality and European standards!

Take a deep breath in an environmentally friendly and plastic -free manner! 

We are convinced of the natural effects of flavors and absolute fans of noses inhalators, but we have not liked the plastic waste of conventional inhalation pencils! For this reason, we developed our nasal pencil from sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo! We also do without senseless plastic waste when packing! 

About Brainkick-known from start-up teens!

Our idea of ​​increasing our well -being with natural scents really liked many people! Together we (Franz and Willi, two brothers from Thuringia) developed our innovative brainkick with the help of great aroma experts! A bamboo inhalator for all needs with unique and natural scents full of energy, balance and refreshment!

Buy now and enchant your senses!

  • scope of delivery: 3 x bamboo inhalation pen with 3 different scents! 

Pure relaxation - our customers are thrilled

  • Jule

    Finally a sustainable & practical aroma alternative! Gives me a positive and good feeling after inhaling.


  • Sabine

    I am totally thrilled with the bamboo sticks and the brilliant aroma mixtures.


  • +1,000 satisfied customers

    Our drive and inspiration are our brainkick customers.

    +1,000 satisfied customers

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