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Refill pack | Cool & Minty | #Night

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✔️ 100 % naturreine ätherische Öle
✔ Entwickelt von Aromaexperten
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Refresh your mind and body with the invigorating aromamama mixture Cool & Minty. The unique combination of peppermint, arable mint, eucalyptus and lemon ensures a pleasant breath and supports conscious breathing.

This practical mix with 100 % natural and pure oils offers you a natural refreshment and a guards. 

Regardless of whether in the cold season or if necessary, the brainkick aromama mixture Cool & Minty offers you a quick and practical refreshment without having to mix own oils. Simply insert the practical refill sticks into your inhalation stick and inhale them through the nose. The four selected organic essential oils give you a refreshing feeling that appears invigorating on body and mind.

Each pack contains 1x aromamama mixture Cool & Minty, which gives you intensive refreshment and energy for up to 3 months.

We use pure natural plants and sustainable growing methods and guarantee you the highest quality and German standards.

Advantages Aromamama mix Cool & Minty:

  1. Better breath experience: The combination of eucalyptus and peppermint makes it easier to breathe and helps to open the airways, which is particularly helpful for colds or blocked nose.

  2. Increase in concentration: The refreshing scents of eucalyptus and peppermint can improve the ability to concentrate and stimulate the mind, which is particularly advantageous in stressful situations or learning.

  3. Stress reduction: The calming properties of the essential oils can help reduce stress and tensions and to promote a general feeling of relaxation and well -being.

  4. Natural headache relief: peppermint oil can bring relief with a slight headache and migraine.

Enjoy the refreshing power of nature with the brainkick aromama mixture Cool & Minty and get the invigorating kick for your day!


Brainkick is the first sustainable aroma inhalation pen!

We use bamboo for our nose inhalators. We also avoid any kind of plastic waste for our packaging. With all of our materials and producers, we pay attention to a fair and climate -friendly value chain.

Together with aroma expert develop We from over 1000 different natural pure organic oils very special brainkick mixtures ready-to-go. Each variety contains 6-8 essential oils. The aroma oils are selected in such a way that they not only optimally match the effect, but also in terms of odor technology! We develop the right brainkick mix for every situation!
  • Inhaling essential oils has an effect on our emotions, hormones and the neurological system
  • Inhaled molecules reach the brain via odor cells
  • The odor system is closely linked to the limbic system in the brain (responsible for emotional well -being)*

Inhaling our essential oils stimulates your odor system, the part of the brain that is related to the feeling of smell. Inhaled molecules get through the upper respiratory tract and from there to other areas of your body. They influence the limbic system, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormones and help to achieve balance in these areas.

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Jürgen Kaiser

Hallo, die neue Mindestbestellmenge von 24,99 € ist mir persönlich zu hoch.
Ich wollte 2×2 Nachfüllpads bestellen für 14 €. Die hätte ich vorher Versandkostenfrei bekommen. Habe dann noch ein DIY Set für 9,99 € dazugelernt, weil meine Bambusstifte demnächst mal ausgewechselt werden müssten. Ich kam dann auf eine Bestellsumme von 24,98 €. Somit fehlte 1 Cent für den Versandkostenfreien Versand. Sorry, aber dass wird mir zu teuer.
Wird wohl meine letzte Bestellung gewesen sein.

Jörg Schneider
Uneingeschränkt empfehlenswert

Top Produkt!

Karin Becker
Nase frei und gutes Gefühl 👍

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Mischungen und habe bereits meiner Familie und Freunden davon erzählt.