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It is difficult for you to relax your body and mind? With the help of the Brainkick variety Relaxing & Calming you will quickly find your inner balance again!

Your harmonious companion for more calm and balance with natural lavender, mandarin, sweet marjoram, ylang-yang blossom, chamomile and delicate incense! The gentle fragrance unfolds soothing vibrations and supports you when relaxing and before going to bed!


A short train and your brain is supplied with relaxing fabrics.

Effect: relaxing & calming

Included in the package: 1x bamboo inhal 1x oil mixture relaxing & calming.

We have selected the best and purest 8 organic oils from over 1000 different oils, which not only fit perfectly from the effect, but also in terms of odor technology!

The following oils are included: real lavender, mandarins, sweet marjoram, ylang-yang blossom, Roman chamomile, frankincense, vanilla

Depending on the use, a brainkick lasts up to 3 months.

Brainkick is the first sustainable aroma inhalation pen!

We use bamboo for our nose inhalators. We also avoid any kind of plastic waste for our packaging. With all of our materials and producers, we pay attention to a fair and climate -friendly value chain.

We, two brothers from Thuringia (Franz & Willi) have been working on Brainkick for 4 years.

Brainkick founder Franz & Willi


Together with aroma experts, we developed three brainkick mixture from over 1000 different oils. Each variety includes 6-7 organic oils. The oils were selected in such a way that they not only optimally match the effect, but also in terms of odor technology! We develop the right brainkick mix for every situation!


  • Inhaling essential oils has an effect on our emotions, hormones and the neurological system
  • Inhaled molecules reach the brain via odor cells
  • The odor system is closely linked to the limbic system in the brain (responsible for emotional well -being)*

Inhaling our essential oils stimulates your odor system, the part of the brain that is related to the feeling of smell. Inhaled molecules get through the upper respiratory tract and from there to other areas of your body. They influence the limbic system, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormones and help to achieve balance in these areas.

Customer Reviews

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Schönes Produkt

Die Bambusstifte sind formschön und nachhaltig. Das Prinzip des Befüllens ist einfach. Der Duft ist angenehm. Ich benutze den Relaxing- und Beruhigungsstift zum Einschlafen. Bisher bin damit gut eingeschlafen.

Christian Stopp
Sehr gut

Weil die Scheiße einfach kickt 😄

Toller Duft, hilft mir gut

Duft entspannt mich und hilft mir in Situationen, wo ich unruhig werde wieder zu entspannen.

Angenehmer Duft

Der Geruch ist für mich angenehm. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich entspannter und schneller einschlafen.

Hilft mir zu entspannen

Hab ich mir gegen Panikattacken angeschafft, hilft beim Beruhigen (natürlich nicht allein, aber der Duft unterstützt).